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What do we mean by "Web and Database Applications"?

A Web-Enabled application is an application that would normally be run over a LAN from your desktop computer, but is Web-Enabled because its user interface has been extended to be runable from a web browser.

Web Application vs Web Pages

A web page conveys static information and is not interactive with the user. A Web-Enabled Application will be running an application with access to dynamic data and is capable of interacting with a user via a web browser. The page you are reading is a web page.Web pages can be designed by a vastly growing field of static content HTML designers coming from diverse industries--graphic design, public relations and advertising. Web application development requires skills that come from years of software and database development experience.


We are programmers using platforms such as Visual Basic, VBScript,  MS SQL Server, MS Access, and tools such as MS Visual Interdev 6, to build active content, database enabled Web sites custom tailored to your business.

Not being limited to text and graphics, we can make your Web site come alive with active content and connectivity to your business data!

Our service:

Drofware will construct your quality Web-Enabled application for the Internet or Intranet according to your specifications.

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