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DrofWare Database Development

We are experienced at taking an application from "a concept on the back of a napkin" to "fully functioning" on your desktop or network... and if the need exist, accessible via a web browser. Or we can take an existing database applications implemented under an older database system (Examples would be Paradox/Dos, or even DataFlex based applications), and convert them to a relational database running under any version of MS Windows. Or perhaps you have an existing database that simply needs some extensions, or new reports. We are able to handle a variety of scenarios... ask us about your particular need.

Is a database the right solution for me?

We don't have an exact formula, but when your spreadsheet is running out of gas or you are getting tired of entering the same information multiple time this is a good clue that a database solution is in order. If you are starting fresh we suggest you look at some of our projects (Sample Applications) to see the variety of tasks being completed and the variety of business, government and university organizations that are taking advantage of the Relational Database Technology as implemented by Drofware.

Some of the programming tools we use:

The heart of our development is MS Access used as a Rapid Application Development tool. It is powerful, flexible and is integrated into MS Office. It can work with any ODBC compatible database such as SQL Server, Sybase, and Oracle. When an industrial strength database is needed, MS Access can be upsized to SQL Server.

We use Microsoft Access , Microsoft Visual Basic. VBScript and MS Visual Interdev for the Active Server Pages and client side scripting.

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