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Applications Developed By DrofWare

Following are a few of the database applications completed in the past 6 years. The variety illustrate the diversity of our application development capabilities. Applications for government, universities, small business and not so small business. Small applications of 40 hours to large application of more than 1,000 hours.

The Audiology Office Organizerô An application for managing audiologist office.

Student Management Software - Estudiante! is our application for administrating schools.  Such traditional task as attendance, student schedules, report cards, transcripts, course management and required reporting.  For Arizona schools it has a programmed internet interface for reporting data to the department of educationís student database which is called SAIS (Student Accountability Information System).  This is an on going software project that requires yearly updating to sync with changing state and federal laws.  Technical support and training is, of course, provided.

Internet Property Tax Appeal: Developed an application to generate a property tax appeal case based on an analysis of county property tax records. This is a commercial (for a fee) application that runs on the desktop or on the Internet i.e. property owners can have their property taxes analyzed and if appropriate, can appeal their property taxes on-line to the Internet. (1998)

Exercise/Fitness Business: In MS Access implemented an application to administer an exercise/fitness business. The functions include scheduling classes and assigning instructor, issuing Class Cards and tracking Card use, maintaining class rosters. It also includes point-of-sales functions, printing of receipts, and full reporting. (current)

Quotation Management Utility: In MS Access, implemented a job quotation utility that builds quotations either from scratch or from saved templates. It maintains versions of the quotation and allows selection of a final version which is merged with the corporate accounting system. Price for hardware and task are looked up from tables shared with the accounting software located in a corporate Sybase database. (1997 to 1998)

Parking Garage Tracking Utility: This MS Access application tracks and reports on parking revenue and garage usage with a complete audit trail. It handles daily cash revenue, monthly billing, payments received and payroll deductions. (1997)

Medical School Residency Management: Converted a DOS/Paradox database application to Windows/Access for the University of Arizona Health Science Center. This is used by the medical school to administer and track a residency program. Functions include scheduling courses and rotations, patient log maintenance, evaluations and extensive reporting. (1996 – 1997)

Ad Order Management: As part of a 2-person team, implemented a system for Yahoo (of Internet fame). This multi function application accepts and tracks orders for internet advertisements, builds the advertisements, builds files needed to drive the web site, schedules running of advertisements on the internet, reports on number of viewers for the advertisements and recognizes revenue for the advertisements. This is a network application built around an Access 8.0 database with interfaces to an Oracle database and to Solomon Accounting software. (1996)

Blueprint Copy Business Control: Using MS Access (version 2.0), developed software to control a blueprint copy business. The functions include Order Entry, Invoice (printing and processing), Payments Received and Monthly Statements. This is a multiple terminal network application, which processes more than 4,000 inventories and 400 statements per month (1995)

Tools Inventory And Rental: Used by a major construction company, it tracks inventory and cost of inventory. The primary function is managing tool inventory and charging construction projects for rental (use of tools). This is an MS Access application. It provides project summary reports and monthly accounting reports. (1995 - 1996)

Blood Sample Tracking: Developed two Access (version 2.0) database applications to track the storage and utilization of blood sample in a NIH research project. The database contains over 300,000 samples with record of uses and required development of "hacking" algorithm to provide the needed access response times.(1996)

Theater Facility Management: Consulted on and developed the architecture for a multiple theater facility management software project (Access 7.0). It schedules usage and maintenance for 6 theaters. (1995 – 1996)

Knowledge Organization Tool: Developed a system for creating and maintaining the knowledge base used as a field tool for Pest Control Service Technicians. The technician enters a field situation and the software guides technician through pest elimination. This is a SQL driven system utilizing the Jet 3.0 engine and Access 7.0. (1996)

Membership Database: On a voluntary basis, converted the Tucson Computer Society membership database to Access 8.0 and added a Windows interface for membership maintenance, payments & statistics. (1997 to 1998)

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